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Event 101: Event Day Prep for the Planner

For a successful event day event planners need to plan their own day. Each planner and event will have different details but creating a routine will benefit you greatly.

Night Before Your Event:

You may be building late into the night, or perhaps have an overnight build. If that is the case do this step two nights before. If not, prior to bedtime do the following:

  • Check the weather. Consider if you'll be working outside, inside or both. Decide on the appropriate outfit, including jewelry, shoes and/or boots and outerwear. Pro tip: Lay your credential or name badge on top. It's easy to forget, but crucial to have.

  • Review travel time. Use technology to your advantage if you're not staying within walking distance of your event. If you're relying on public transit ensure it's running at the hours you need or consider alternatives like biking or ride share options. If you're driving be cognizant of high commuting traffic. Do not stress yourself, and everyone else, out by being late.

  • Organize any printed copies you need (run of show, briefing books, transportation plans, phone numbers, etc). If inclement weather is in the forecast, put it in a plastic, waterproof pouch or laminate it. Pro tip: A Ziploc bag works in an emergency.

  • Charge all electronics, including your external charging pack. Ensure all cords are either packed in your go bag or connected to the items being charged. Pro tip: this includes your radio battery if you're using them. If you don't have a charging dock ensure there's time to swap your battery for a fresh one.

  • Toss your event kit in your go bag. My kit has had various iterations based on event, but consider: hand sanitizer, wet wipes, cords, a jump drive, highlighters, pens, permanent markers, headphone with charging case, car charger, zip ties, credit card, ID, cash, etc. Consider a personal kit too which might include hair ties, toothbrush and paste, dental floss, lipstick/chapstick, hairspray, snacks, extra masks, etc.

  • Set 3 alarms all several minutes apart. Often times the event itself is almost an afterthought. Similar to running a marathon, training is the bulk of the work and the marathon is the culmination of all those miles. Your event is similar. You know success lies in the planning phase and you've done the hard work. Now it's time to execute. Due to this, you will be tired, likely exhausted. You might sleep through your alarm, so set several. Pro tip: If you're staying in a hotel do not rely on the front desk wake up call alone. Ensure you have an alarm set as well.

  • Prepare your breakfast, fill your water bottle and set the coffee maker to brew (or know if your local coffee shop is open early!). You need fuel to be your best self. Overnight oats with almond butter, Greek yogurt, or even a high protein/low sugar bar are all good options. Anything with protein. Also, re: hydration. You will feel like you do not have time to use the restroom during your event. You will say "I don't have time." Trust me, you can and will make time, so don't dehydrate yourself. It will only make you more tired and cranky. Zero people want that.

Morning Of Your Event

It's your event day! This is the big push and you can do it.

  • Get up, get ready and do a quick scan of email, weather and traffic. Respond and adjust as necessary.

  • Pack you bag.

  • Pause. I mean fully stop everything. Look around. Ensure you have everything you need. I recently failed to do this and left my computer charger...not ideal!

  • Hit the ground running

You've prepared and planned for this day. Be confident you have all the tools you need to succeed!

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